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Here come the freshmen: Congress' newest class
WASHINGTON — Congress' approval rating hovers around 15 percent, but there's one group of people excited about the institution: the newly elected lawmakers who are about to join its ranks. The House will welcome 58 freshmen this coming week, …
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Republican contest for 2016 race is heating up quickly
Boy, that escalated quickly. Less than two months after the 2014 elections, the 2016 Republican presidential race is taking clear shape — with several major players moving quickly to carve out their space (and maybe keep others from carving it up) in …
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More men than women voted in November in Washington
Washington's 2014 general election may go down in the books as the year of the male Republican voter. For the first time in a while – it's not quite clear how long – more men cast ballots in Washington than women. Not just for all voters, but in every …
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